The two villages of Fourstones and Newbrough lie on The Stanegate. This is a road that was built by the Romans in A.D. 71. It was built to link the major Roman sites of Corbridge and Carlisle and pre-dates Hadrian’s wall which was built in 122 A.D.

In addition to Fourstones and Newbrough there are several hamlets scattered throughout the area the largest of these being Allerwash which in medieval times was quite a large settlement. Settlingstones is thought to have been the location of a Roman lead mine.

Further information on the history of the area can be found by following the following links::

Fourstones Colliery

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Fourstones was the site of the first official Boy Scouts camp held by Lord Baden-Powell in 1908. The camp was at Carr Edge Farm and a monument stands in the  woods nearby. Information regarding the camp and access to the monument can be found at:

Lookwide Scout Camp

There are many beautiful walks in the surrounding area and along the river South Tyne.

A series of walks around the area can be downloaded by following these links

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Walk to Carr Edge and the Scout Memorial

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The Newbrough Water Trail

Hot food, sandwiches and drinks are available from Fourstones Service Station. Or can be obtained at one of our local pubs : The Red Lion at Newbrough, or The Boatside Inn at Warden.