Mobile Fish and Chip Van

The mobile fish and chip van will be visiting the villages on Saturday 6th of June. To more easily maintain social distancing, we will remain at the Millennium Beacon, Fourstones for our entire stay. However, we are extending our hours to ensure that queues are smaller and that we can accommodate more customers. We will be at the Millennium Beacon from 2pm until 7pm, although if we still have customers we will continue to serve as long as we have supplies. To ensure social distancing please queue 2 metres apart when coming up to place an order. After placing your order and paying you will be given a raffle ticket. Please move away from the hatch until your number is called when your meal is ready. We would ask that people in the queue to be served would please step back whilst orders are collected. You will be able to pay via cash or by using the PayPal app on your mobile phone. To pay by PayPal, send payment to the number 07775 811131 as shown on the side of the van. Please use the option send to friends and family in the paying options otherwise a fee is charged. If you pay with cash, we intend that the flow of money will only be one way. You will place your money in a container which will be sealed, and you will receive change from our float which nobody else has handled. We would ask that where possible you have the correct amount of money as the amount of change, we will have will be limited. We realise that service will not be as fast as usual but ask that you remain patient.

Prices: Large Fish and Chips £8, Large Fish on its own £6, Small fish and chips £6, Small fish on its own £4, Sausage and chips £4.50, smokey and chips £4.50, large cod bites and chips £7, small cod bites and chips £5, chips £2.50, mushy peas £1, curry sauce £1, all drinks £1

Thank you – Frosts Fish and Chips