The Railway Inn

Sunday 19th July  BBQ - weather permitting


Victory over Planning Application

The planning application, to convert The Railway into a house was turned down on the 19th December

7.10 It is clear from the evidence provided and the letters of objection that The Railway Inn was an important local facility and that during its time as the village pub has been well used and supported. The applicant has stated that the pub is no longer financially or commercially viable but it is clear from the limited financial information submitted that this change in circumstances dates to when the current owner took over. The information provided by the owner is of an anecdotal nature and there has not been a robust evidence base that states that this facility is no longer viable and has no role in serving the community of Fourstones, or that it does not have a reasonable future prospect of doing so. From the letters of objection and phone calls received, there appears to have been a lot of interest from people wishing to run this pub as a local facility but the offers have been rejected. It is considered that it has not been adequately demonstrated that the pub should not be retained and is no longer viable and no longer serves the needs of the community of Newbrough and in this respect it would not accord with Core Strategy Policy CS1, Local Plan Policy TM1 and the NPPF.”

However be prepared to fight an appeal!